Custom Art


  • Original Fine Art

We work with many fine artists and offer paintings on canvas and paper, as well as alternative mediums such as plexi glass, aluminum and wood. Many of our artists do commission work, so now project is too big, small or unusual for their creativity.


  • Prints

As well as giclee prints, lithographs and monorprints we offer poster prints. Our aim is for you to be able to find art that works for any budget.


  • Three Dimensional Art

When you are looking for work that makes a big statement we suggest dimensional art for the wall, table or floor. We carry pieces crafted from metal, glass, wood and other mediums.


  • Mural Art

If you have a big space and want to get creative then a mural is the way to go.  We work with muralists who can paint directly to your walls or on canvas. A great new way to go is a mural printed on vinyl that is applied to the wall. They are easy to install and can be trimmed to size.